Friday, December 17, 2010

Find out what your city/county employees benefits are worth

I recently wrote the following letter to our Mayor Knox White. I am requesting that I be provided a list of all positions in the city, both elected and appointed, and the salary,benefits, and retirement benefits they receive. It behooves all of us tax payers to be informed of the benefits these people who are paid directly out of our taxes. I"ll ask you to do the same. Find out what your local officials are being paid. Don't forget that when they retire many of these people will receive lifetime pensions and health care for life. If our taxes can support this, then so be it. If not, then we have a problem. I thought I would start out by asking for the information. I could not get the details on the city website.
Here is the letter.

Dear Mayor,
The recent activities in California of elected and appointed officials running wild with benefit and salary packages has led me to believe that maye we should be more informed in our city about salaries/benefits/retirement benefits that the citizens are paying for.
The city has done an excellent job in leading Greenville to being one of the nicest towns to live in this country. You are all to be congratulated for being so successful in giving us a town that we are proud to say "I live in Greenville, SC".
By this letter I am requesting a detailed listing by job position the following information:
> The current bedgeted salary for that position
> The benefit package the person in that position receives
> And the reitrement benefit that the person in that position will receive upon retirement.
>The future liability for retirees including healthcare benefits.
I do believe that this information should be public information. I have scoured the published budget on the city website but was not able to ascertain the requested information.
I look forward to receiving this information.
Best Regards and Merry Christmas.
Gerald Tollison  

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