Thursday, January 13, 2011

City of Greenville salaries

If you remember I sent a letter to Mayor Knox White a couple of weeks ago (see my post below) requesting information about the salaries and benefits of all city employees.

I did receive a response from the City of Greenville requesting information on salaries, benefits, and retirement benefits for all city employees to include elected officials.
I received the attached letter from the City Manager's office. I did not receive any information regarding retirement benefits but will request that.
I did receive a list of each position in the city and the pay scale of that position. I have attached two schedules. I received a list of each employee making under $50,000 and one for those making over $50,000. The Freedom of Information Act apparently requires municipalities to make a distinction between the two salary brackets. 
I have included only two pages of each schedule.   
The city pays for 75% of the employees health care plan, including part time employees.
Full time city employees are required to participate in the SC Retirement System or the South Carolina Police Officers System. The withholdings are transferred to the state pension program. Fire Fighter's retirement system is separate. Firemen participate in the Greenville Firemen's Pension Fund.  The letter did not state how this pension fund is funded. I will ask for clarification.

I encourage each of you to investigate in your own towns the salaries/benefits of your local city employees. Many of these employees, if not all, have guaranteed pension plans that can equal or come close to equalling the full time pay the employee received while working. How many of you have a pension plan that has that guarantee? The media is finally reporting on the financial liability that cities/states have for these obligations and in many cases the obligation is unfunded. The state of SC alone (accruing to the Comptroller Generals' office) has an unfunded liability of $23 Billion. That is correct.......$23 Billion. That is up from $15 Billion just a few years ago. Who do you think is going to pay for those pensions in the future?
 I will post the letter as soon as I figure out how to get it on this blog.

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